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This site represents the collaborative efforts of Ms Ellam's Year 11 Ancient History class in their study of preserved human remains as an archaeological case study.Open this file for HELP -->
One of the Chinchorro Mummies, Peru
One of the Chinchorro Mummies, Peru

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Country of Origin
Ms Ellam
The Iceman
Deborah and Sarah
The Lake Mungo Skeletons
Qilaqitsoq Mummies (Inuit)
Jenny and Risha
The Franklin Expedition mummies
England/North America
Sophie and Jenn
Tollund Man
Alice and Sinead
Lindow Man
Gab and Florence
Windeby Girl
Kavya and Steph
Cloneycavan Man and Old Croghan Man

Princess Tou Wan/Dou Wan
Michelle and Giselle
Siberian Icemaiden + Pazyryk Bodies
Chloe and Ashlee
Chinchorro Mummies
Caitlin and Charlotte
The Eskimo Family
Alaska, USA
Kristina and Courtney
Grauballe Man
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Some other preserved remains possible for research: Rameses II, Tutankhamun, Borre Fen Bodies, and some possibly more challenging bodies: Elling Woman, Borremose Man and woman, Yde Girl, Huldremose Woman

Students will work cooperatively in pairs to research one randomly assigned preserved remains (see list below for your assignment) on which they will conduct research and present their findings within this wikispace on separate wikipages. Each group is required to present :
  • the discovery of the remains
  • the state and type of preservation
    Baby mummy from Qilaqitsoq, Greenland
    Baby mummy from Qilaqitsoq, Greenland
  • what archaeology and science can reveal about the appearance of the person/s
  • what the evidence reveals about their lifestyles and times
  • what science and archaeology can tell us about the cause and manner of their death

They will also include:
  • a recommended reading list
  • a range of activities, such as comprehension, quiz and puzzle style

Franklin Expedition
Franklin Expedition

Princess Tou Wan, China
Princess Tou Wan, China
Tollund Man, Denmark
Tollund Man, Denmark