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Answers to Crossword

3. How many horses was the Ice Maiden buried with? SIX
4. What animal featured in tattoos and many artefacts? DEER
7. What implement was used to create tattoos? BONENEEDLE
9. What did the Ice Maiden's tattoos signify? RANK
10. Bodies could only be buried in this time of year. SUMMER
11. Only people of this class were deliberately preserved and given a burial. NOBLE
13. What was the Ice Maiden's coffin fashioned from? LOG
15. Portable artefacts suggest that the Pazyryk tribe were... NOMADIC
17. Who discovered the Siberian Ice Maiden? NATALIAPOLOSMAK

1. How old was the Ice Maiden when she died? TWENTYFIVE
2. What took up one third of the Ice Maiden's coffin? HEADDRESS
3. Who discovered the earlier Pazyryk bodies? SERGEIRUDENKO
5. What century was the Ice Maiden discovered in? TWENTIETH
6. What mountains were the bodies found? ALTAI
8. What ancient historian wrote about similar burial practices? HERODOTUS
12. What did archaeologists use to melt the ice encasing the Ice Maiden? BLOWTORCH
14. What material suggests a trade link with India? SILK