How did Grauballe Man die?
Grauballe Man endured a fate far worse than any person could imagine. He suffered from a sudden death, but not necessarily a fast one. His neck was slit open, from ear to ear, severing his trachea and esophagus, so deep the gullet was completely sliced in half. At first excavators thought this to be suicide, however such terrible injuries could not be self-inflicted.The wound was clearly made by other people after several strokes to the neck. The direction and appearance of the cuts showed that they had to be done by another person and could not have been made after death, proving that he definitely died from these injuries. There were no traces on the throat of chord or pressure marks which proves that he did not die from hanging or strangulation, which confirms this theory further. However, whether the Grauballe Man had been knocked unconscious before throat was cut could not be established.

Grauballe Man's sliced throat
Grauballe Man's sliced throat

During this process, his murderers broke his left tibia and ruined what was left of his dignity. However, P.G Glob said that it was most likely that the damage to the tibia and femur as well as the face, occurred after death. Investigation on the bones suggested they had been intact at the time of death. They proved this through studying the decalcification of his bone. Excavators initially thought he had inflicted a blow to the head but CAT scans reveal that his skull had been fractured due to the pressure from the bog after he had died. Photographs taken by Professor Carl Krebs and Dr Erling Ratjen revealed that this injury had definitely been sustained after death.

His body was then thrown into a water-filled bog hole left by peat diggers. This suggests that he was a human sacrifice and had been spared to the gods, spirits or supernatural beings they believed in. This is due to the fact that throughout prehistoric times bogs served as a place to worship their deities. This proves that his preservation was an accident and that his murderers had not intended on making him one of the most amazing finds in the historical world.
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